It’s a feast for the eyes and food for the soul, it’s colourful, playful and prepared with passion.

“Putting hospitality students into a real-life restaurant situation is a game-changing experience. You can see their confidence and their spirit grow, along with their passion for country,” says award winning tour operator, Josh Whiteland from Koomal Dreaming.

“What better people to have presenting the food from the land than the traditional owners?”

“Kambarang is one of the six seasons on the Aboriginal calendar and is the time between the flowering of plants and the end of the rain. It’s the transition period,” said Whiteland. “I think it’s the most bountiful because it holds the most foods that I love, such as crab and abalone.”

International renowned chef Mark Olive aka The Black Olive has been promoting native foods and flavours for many years both in Australia and overseas.“An event like this allows everyone to experience something different that they might not have had before and hopefully inspire guests to try new dishes and flavours at home.It also very inspiring to see some of the students take it to the next level and seriously consider a career in the hospitality and tourism industry.”